July 5, 2021

Break out the Mixer! Frappes and Freddos in Greece

Break out the Mixer!  Frappes and Freddos in Greece
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Travel to Greece with my friend Artemis Gavriilidou as she schools us in Greek Coffee Culture!

  • Artemis shares with us how this delightful summer elixir was created in the most pragmatic way
  • The difference between frappe and freddo
  • How the coffee brings us to the table connects us no matter where we are

This episode is part of my Cold Coffee Stack!

CoffeeStain Podcast

Artemis Drink Mixers

Ciel Coffee by Jen Stone

Coffee Explorer

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Artemis GavriilidouProfile Photo

Artemis Gavriilidou

Host, CoffeeStain Podcast | Co-Owner at ARTEMIS MIXER