Jen Stone | Coffee Explorer

Join me, Jen Stone, on the Amazing Journey of Coffee.

Remember the last time you were sitting at a restaurant with your friends and the waiter brought to you a sampling of a cheese plate or charcuterie and as she described the offering to you by pointing at each cheese and educating you as to whether it came from a cow in Vermont a goat in France or a sheep in England, and if it was hard or soft, mild or strong.  It wasn't until you tasted each cheese for yourself that you really understood what the differences were and you laughed with your friends about what you enjoyed and what you didn't want to try again.  Undoubtedly, the choices of your friends were somewhat different than yours. 

And the possibility of distinct flavors being to your liking and the quest to actually taste distinctions between the items opened up a new world for you.

The Coffee Explorer Podcast is a place for this experience.  My friends call me a "Sommelier of Coffee" and each episode offers a journey to a place or person from across the globe with a desire to enlighten, inform and provide listeners with an enjoyable cup.  I share coffee stories as varied at the sun and rain, variety, soil, time and taste of the world of coffee, itself. 

Dust off your passport!  Your journey to the world of extraordinary coffee awaits.

Connect the dots from these world-class producers and people of interest to your front door.  Eliminate the distance between the exotic volcano hillsides and you, and access the provenance and amazing people of coffee while experiencing a new way to taste and enjoy new places!

Each episode promises a journey within the cup that is inspired and will leave you in the unique and wonderful position of the experience and the possibility of more!  


Colombia Sunrise