Aug. 4, 2021

Talk about Coffee Talk...

Talk about Coffee Talk...

with Dr. Andrea Wojnicki. Andrea is a Communication Expert and in this episode she breaks down how cafes and the conversation within can be used to make us more effective communicators!

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Talk About Talk founder Dr. Andrea Wojnicki is obsessed with COMMUNICATION, and specifically with coaching ambitious executives on their communication skills to help them get noticed and advance their careers.

Early in her career, Andrea earned her MBA and worked in brand management at Kraft Foods. She then earned her Doctorate in Business (Marketing) from Harvard Business School, where her research focused on guess what??? COMMUNICATION. Specifically why and how people talk.

Andrea served on the faculty at the University of Toronto Rotman school of management where she taught in the MBA program. She also consulted in strategic brand marketing and served on several boards.

Andrea created Talk About Talk to help ambitious executives boost their confidence and improve their communication skills through 1-on-1 coaching, corporate workshops, online courses, a free weekly communication skills newsletter, and a bi-weekly podcast. You can learn more about the books she recommends and the podcasting resources she uses to make it all happen - see below. Andrea would love to talk!

You'll hear the three magic words that make every conversation flow with ease, the rule of odds and much more!

Link to Andrea's Talk About Talk website, podcast and much more!

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