Dec. 25, 2020

Resource: Grinding - The Particle Article

Resource:  Grinding - The Particle Article

I'm very particular about particle size - the impact on cup quality is significant. Take a sensory journey and perhaps do your laundry while learning how to confidently grind coffee.


When coffee is ground, the interior of the bean, along with its delicate flavor oils, is exposed to air. If the grounds are not quickly subjected to brewing, oxygen will begin to degrade the flavor immediately. Therefore, it is imperative to grind coffee just prior to brewing for optimal flavor and freshness. For this reason, all Ciel coffee remains as whole bean to the point of consumption.

For best results, Ciel strongly encourages the use of burr grinders, which result in a consistent grind and, unlike blade grinders, will not overheat coffee beans, preserving their essential aromas and oils. The coffee particle size of your grind is determined by your selected brewing method and relates directly to the corresponding brew time. The smaller the particle size of ground coffee, the greater the overall surface area, and the less time it needs in contact with water to extract the perfect flavor. Very fine espresso ground coffee might require 27 seconds of brewing time, while coarser particles are suitable for 5 minutes in a French Press.

It is recommended you keep your grinder clean and free of coffee oil build-up, to preserve the truest flavor of Café Privé Sélect.

Recommended settings based on the Baratza Vario-W Grinders

  • Espresso Grind - 8
  • Pour Over Grind - 18
  • French Press Grind - 25