Feb. 22, 2023

Morgan Drinks Coffee

Morgan Drinks Coffee

Listen in as 2022 US Barista Champion & World Barista Champion Runner-up Morgan Eckroth talks about tasting tips, travel and tiktok. This is a live, in-person conversation that will spark your coffee curiosity.

LIVE!  From the Orlando Convention Center, it's Morgan Eckroth.  While at the NAFEM Show, not only did she prepare over 3000 drinks in three (3!) days on a Synesso MVP Hydra, but she had time to share some insights about my favorite topic.... coffee!

  • Learn that you don't have to BEGIN as a coffee expert to enjoy espresso
  • What a BLT and Espresso have in common
  • Crack the code to social media success

follow her at @morgandrinkscoffee on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter ... you will LEARN so much about the coffee experience.  

***the North American Food Equipment Manufacturers convention.  Wow!**


Thanks to our sponsor - Synesso Espresso Machines and our friends at Onyx Coffee Lab,  Middleby, NAFEM, Concordia, Marco Beverage Systems and Ciel Coffee