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Cheyenne Lentz

Since 2015, I’ve been writing and researching about how to make good coffee at home.
I’ve learned many coffee tips and tricks along the way. As a freelance writer, I’ve had the opportunity to write about coffee for sites like Business Insider, MSN, Insider, and The Spruce.

You can also find my writings in my FREE Facebook group – The Art of Specialty Coffee & Food Pairings – where you can ask for advice on coffee & food pairings and share your own specialty coffee tips and experiences. Join here!

Coffee is what I do for work and what I do for fun. Through interviews with coffee experts and through personal experience testing a number of coffee and espresso products (i.e. Breville, Keurig, Nespresso, etc.), I’ve done a great deal of research on how to make good coffee. I’m constantly seeking ways to improve the coffee I brew by trying out different coffee to water ratios, using different milks, and testing out recipes.

the elwells drinking coffee
Besides writing about coffee, you can find me playing and teaching the violin in my home music studio. My husband is also a musician (piano, guitar, drums), and we often play communion songs for our church. One of our all-time favorites to play is “Satisfied in You (Psalm 42)” by The Sing Team. See our cover version of it here!

If you have an interest in making coffee at home or in learning how to pair coffee like you would wine, I am sure that you’ll find a few new tips to enhance your brewing and baking experience. Feel free to take a gander through my blog.

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March 23, 2021

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